Auto Insurance

Basic liability auto insurance is required by law in Texas, but many other vital protections help drivers who are insured. A conversation with an agent from Victoria Insurance Group can help explain more about local regulations in Texas and how you can benefit from various types of coverage.

How does car insurance help drivers?

At a minimum, a driver must have basic liability insurance. This will cover thousands of dollars’ worth of damage caused by the driver and any lawsuits that may be filed to force them to pay for an accident. However, additional protections are also available to help cover damage to the vehicles and others involved in the crash. Car insurance can also be used to protect against losses from theft, severe weather, and other unforeseen problems.

How is a policy affected by the vehicle I drive?

Policy rates can vary slightly depending on the specific make and model of a car. Some vehicles are considered a more significant risk than others. This will be factored into a policy that covers the vehicle. Generally, standard vehicles with regular safety features can all be included at an affordable rate.

Do my driving habits matter?

A policy may be adjusted based on factors such as the distance a driver travels each day, their prior history, age, and traffic records. People without any accidents or traffic violations will usually be considered a lower risk than those with an extensive history of driving issues. However, regardless of these variables, an agent can design a policy that works for you and provides the type of coverage that you need. Any specific concerns should be addressed to the insurance agent, and they can give an explanation based on your personal history and expectations.

Learn more about getting car insurance from a local company

There are agents from Victoria Insurance Group who serve the state of Texas and are available to speak with you about your insurance needs. Let us help you get a quote for your vehicle.