Flood Insurance

Victoria Insurance Group Offers Flood Insurance to Protect Your Property

In the past, having flood insurance was something of a luxury. Homeowners may be more concerned about flooding if they live along the Texas coast or near a large body of water. However, flooding has become a more common occurrence, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Your usual homeowner's insurance policy does not protect you against damage from flooding. At Victoria Insurance Group of Texas, we can help protect you from devastating losses caused by unexpected flooding with flood insurance protection.

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Some residential areas are prone to flooding. These “flood zones" may be on official flood maps for your state or county. When looking for a mortgage, your financial institution may require you to have flood insurance in order to protect their financial investment in the property. Other areas may not have had flooding in the past, but because of land changes and increasingly severe weather, they may now see more frequent flooding. If your home is in a low-lying area, you may want to have flood insurance to protect against damage that can occur unexpectedly.

Flood Insurance Is More Important Than Ever

With more violent storms, tornados, and hurricanes, the risk for damage from unusual weather events has increased. Having flood insurance has become more important than ever, even if you don’t live in a coastal area. Proximity to a body of water, near levees or other structures can put your property at risk. Flood insurance is a good way to ensure that your property and financial stability are protected during violent weather events.

Make Victoria Insurance Your Choice for Flood Insurance

Our experienced agents have served the residents of the state of Texas for over 25 years. We can answer your questions regarding insurance and help you find the right coverage for all your insurance needs. Call Victoria Insurance Group of Texas for a free, no-obligation quote on flood insurance that can protect you against financial loss during unexpected flooding.