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Personal Umbrella Insurance

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Personal Umbrella Insurance

 Umbrella insurance policy extends your existing coverage.

Higher coverage limits: For example, you may have purchased a required minimum liability auto insurance policy. The state of Texas mandates $40,000 of bodily injury liability insurance with a maximum of $20,000 in coverage for any individual. It also requires $15,000 of property damage liability. If you have priced a new car or paid a hospital bill recently, these limits may not seem that high. An umbrella policy reduces your potential liability exposure.

Extra types of insurance: An umbrella policy may also provide coverage for things that are not covered under typical home or auto policies, such as slander, false arrest, libel, and invasion of privacy.

Legal defense: An umbrella policy may also help pay for your attorney fees if another party attempts to sue you.

If you are successfully sued, all of your assets could be at risk. The more you have to lose, the more you may need extra insurance in the form of a Texas umbrella insurance policy.

Extended coverage and some extra types of insurance can significantly increase your financial security. Even middle class Texans may have accrued substantial assets over time. Some of these assets might include:

  • A home with valuable contents and vehicles
  • Savings accounts, including retirement accounts and college funds
  • Inheritances from deceased parents

Other Available Policies:

Commerical Insurance

Coverage for losses and damages  to commercial property.

Auto Insurance

Auto coverage protects you against different types of losses.

Home Insurance

Coverage consists of coverage for your dwelling and your personal property.


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