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RV Insurance

Let VIG help you protect your RV

Getting RV Insurance

We provide coverage for your: RV, personal property & full time RV

Tips When You Hit The Road

Before your trip, make sure you get a complete travel check-up for your RV including inspection of all belts and hoses, headlights, tires, and turn signals. Also do not forget to make sure the towing hitch, fire extinguisher and smoke alarms are in working order.

Other good before trip tips are to make sure your cooking vent hood is clean to help avoid fires and to make sure you leave your trip plans and phone numbers with a relative or friend.

Finally, it is important to go over with everyone on the trip basic emergency procedures.

Remind everyone that it is safer to be in the RV during lightning. If there is a tornado warning you will want to find a tornado shelter or the next best thing which would be parking under a bridge or similar structure. Also, do not ever drive through any deep water as the depth can be deceiving.

RVs need to be inspected once a year

Other Available Policies:

Commerical Insurance

Coverage for losses and damages to commercial property.

Auto Insurance

Auto coverage protects you against different types of losses.

Flood Insurance

Coverage for property or personal property damaged from the sudden & temporary natural accumulation of water.


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